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What our clients say about us

Dennis Fonod and Laurel Payton, 2019

Arnold, MO

We would like to take a moment to compliment Jeff Goldstein and Jane Campbell of Realty Executives.

This team provided professional, caring attention and good old fashioned customer service.


Their interactions with us were genuine and all the lenders & people behind the scenes they connected us with shared that same approach to customer satisfaction.

Niketa and Sandeep Shah, 2018


St. Charles, MO

As a couple who were brand new to St. Louis, MO, hunting for a house entailed searching first for realtors with the ‘TRUST’ factor. For us, if we could trust the realtors that they will not sway us into anything just to make their sale – it was ‘Jeffry and Jane’.

The next important thing was ‘being ORGANIZED’ which again Jeffry and Jane get a 10/10. So thorough and so perfect. And most of all, they are ‘PROMPT’. Not just with their appointments but also with any information that is asked to them. I am sure they have 12 hands and they are up 24x7 to make that happen.

So, when Trust, organization skills, promptness and priority gets added, one gets AWESOME-ness. Its what Jeffry and Jane can be described as.

We highly recommend Jeffry and Jane for your trusted house buy or sell in a most efficient manner.

Jeffery and Jane – you win hearts and we love you !

Ellen and Robert Zerillo, 2017


Ballwin, MO

My husband and I worked with Jeffry and Jane during the first half of 2017.  I met the agents at an open house on a Sunday when I was just looking at houses on a whim.  We had talked about moving but never found anything that really hit us and we weren’t certain of our financial ability to go to a larger house.  I had been to numerous open houses over the previous year and none of the agents ever reached back to me to ask questions – until Jeffry and Jane.  Jane called me two days after the open house and was so warm, welcoming and easy to get along with that I thought I’d take a chance.  After that, everything just came together for us. 

Jeffry and Jane were tireless showing us one house after another.  They answered the phone and returned e-mails within an hour every single time.  During that time period, houses were literally flying off the market.  We knew we had to take action and get approved so we could put in offers.  Jeffry and Jane gave us wonderful advice and the name and number of a broker who was wonderful to work with.  We were able to get approved without the contingency of selling our current home so the hunt was on.  We dragged Jeffry and Jane all over St. Louis until we finally found a house that was perfect for us and our family.  Jeffry and Jane were with us every step of the way – during the drafting of the contract, working with the sellers, inspections, and everything you can think of to make our lives easier. 

Meanwhile, they were patient and supportive with us during the selling of our current home which we had been in for over 20 years.  They gave us sage advice on items we needed to do to improve the house before we put it on the market.  In the midst of all of this, we went on vacation and they continued to work on our properties even with us not in the country.  They were amazing!


On top of everything they did for us, they helped our daughter and son-in-law purchase a home and never made any of us feel as though they were too busy to work with us.  Each of us always felt as though we were their only client.  I gave their name to friends of ours and they helped them sell and buy homes as well while again making them feel as though they were their only client.


Jeffry and Jane are professional, reliable and unstoppable forces working for their clients.  While we have found our dream home and we are extremely happy here, we would not hesitate to reach out to Jeffry and Jane if we had any additional real estate needs.  We keep a stack of their business cards with us at all times so that in the event anyone says they need an agent we have their cards ready at hand. 

Ron and Jo Anne Bentley, 2017


St. Louis, MO

My wife and I were referred to Jeffry and Jane through our Daughter and Son-In-Law who had worked with them on their recent home search.

We had lived in our home for twenty eight years. We had taken a century old two story single family house in a historic neighborhood and completely gutted and rehabbed nearly every inch of it. Selling this unique, one of a kind home would prove to be a challenge not only based on its unique make over, but for the emotional connection that developed over twenty eight years of what was to become the “family home” to our rather large immediate and extended family. 

Jeffry and Jane immediately understood the challenges and assured us that although finding the right buyer might take some time and patience, our beautiful though “special” home would indeed sell. To that end they worked tirelessly doing all those things that good real estate agents do, but then going above and beyond what was expected. They not only spent time working on the sale but also working directly with us to modify aspects of the décor,  pack and store items that might be preventing buyers from seeing their own personal  belongings in some rooms, and always soliciting our input.  Ultimately, all these efforts were rewarded when our home found another lover!

I believe it is rare indeed to find people like Jeffry and Jane. We are very happy that we did. We would highly recommend them to anyone buying or selling a home.

Dave and Donna Goessman, 2017

Ellisville, MO

Jane and Jeffry were a pleasure to work with throughout the home buying process. What can be a stressful time full of unknowns was simplified and stress free with their expertise. Their friendliness and professionalism created a positive experience throughout the selling as well as purchasing process. 

Our previous home sold in two weeks with Jane and Jeffry’s assistance. Not only did our home sell quickly, but we received our full asking price. In addition to the sale of our home, they also helped us find the perfect new home as well. We’re so happy with our recent purchase and we have them to thank.

Emily and Robert Hager, 2017

St. Peters, MO

We were put in contact with Jane and Jeff, thanks to a recommendation from a good friend. House selling and hunting was a bit extra tricky for us as we have 3 small children, the oldest of whom is on the Autism spectrum and does not deal well with change. We knew we had the right agents for the job when they came for a first visit and our oldest felt at ease with them and their explanation of what he could expect during the process. 

During staging, they went above and beyond, helping us plan accents and taking care of the small rearranging tasks during photos while we were out of the house with the kids to keep them from worrying about things being moved--they even rearranged things as they were. 

Once the house was on the market, they were even more helpful, giving us plenty of notice for showings which made things easy on our kids--no surprises! We sold in just over 2 weeks and at a higher price than our neighborhood had seen in almost a decade. 

When it came to finding our new house, they were equally skilled. We started out a bit unsure of where we would like to move, but based on the size of home and other items on our "wish" list, they were able to help us find a wonderful place in St. Peters. Even the signing process for the new house went quickly and smoothly. We feel in fact that this is a "forever home" for us and couldn't be happier with the house, the neighborhood, and our experience in working with Jane and Jeff! 

Jake and Ryan Downs, 2017

Valley Park, MO

As first time home buyers, we had no idea what to expect from a realtor or the home buying process. When we met Jeffry & Jane we had no idea when we were going to be ready to start looking for a house, what our budget was, what location we wanted, etc. They were both extremely patient with us and said "when you're ready we're here." We were never pressured to begin our journey before we were ready. 

Once we decided we were ready Jeffry and Jane provided excellent customer service and were extremely helpful. They found tons of different options and I brought them tons of houses to look more into. After countless showings we found our home. With their help, and the mortgage advisor they connected us with, our first time home buying process with easy. Crazy, right?! 

My husband and I never felt pressured to buy too soon or buy something at the top end of our price range. Jeffry and Jane made us feel so comfortable and were honest with us. All they cared about was making sure we found our perfect starter home.

Jennifer Frank, 2016

St. Charles, MO

I was ready to buy a home and have something to call my own. I reached out to my parents to see who they may know that would treat me like their own and find a great place. My mom reached out to a high school friend on Facebook that she knew was a realtor. I met with Jeffry and went over what I was looking for and the area’s that I originally wanted. Jeffry, then set me up with the fantastic people at Endeavor Mortgage and even with some credit issues that I had been dealing with, I was able to get a good loan price. 

Jeffry then began the search for my new home. He and Jane showed me one in the area that I was really interested in living in but asked me if I was interested in the St. Charles area. I had not really seemed to interested at the time but was willing to open my search area and see a few condos in that area. This lead me to my new home. When we first went to go look, we had a small issue with the lock. To me it was a sign! Two days later, we tried again and I fell in love with the place. A contract was place on it the next day and 45 days later, it became my new home.

Jeffry and Jane where there the whole entire way. No question went unanswered and no question was too silly. If I didn’t understand something in the process, it was explained step by step to me. Jeffry and Jane both care very much for their clients and will help them in any way that they can to get them into the house of their dreams. I would recommend them to anyone that wants realtors that will be with them every step of the way.

Sandra Gates, 2016

Fenton, MO

Mr. Goldstein and Ms. Campbell did an outstanding job of finding me my new home here in Fenton Mo. They did more than just find me a home. They were professional as well as friendly. They were very patient with me and helped to find me a home quite quickly even with me being out of state. The warmth and friendship extended even to my family. I say friendship because they have kept in contact with me even after the paperwork was completed and all monies were paid. I felt I was more than just a client to them during this whole process. They held my hand through every steep. I feel they went above and beyond what was expected. Anyone who lets this team find their home will not be disappointed. They are the greatest team by far. 

Adam Tadj, 2016

Chicago, IL

Due to my job requirement, I moved to Chicago area from St. Louis. I was planning to put my house for sale, but frankly I was not full-hearted due to my not very good previous experiences with other real-estate agents. Anyway, last summer I was driving in the neighborhood and I was checking open-houses to get an idea on what are in the market and size up in person the presenting agents for a potential candidate. That’s when I struck "GOLD" by running into Mr. Jeffry Goldstein! Sometimes I think I should have bought a lottery ticket that day too!! 

From the very first meeting, I got very positive and pleasant impression of him, which I feel, very lucky forthat! Not only I never doubted/regretted my choice even for a second, but any passing day during my contract; my satisfaction and positive impression of him increased. After doing some background check on him, I signed the sale contract at Coldwell Banker's office and I left the town. He did such an outstanding job that there was no need at all for me to return to the town! He took care of all the needed repairs and improvements required by the buyer’s and county's inspectors, and he made sure they were done with the highest quality. He superbly coordinated the work of the painter, the electricians, the plumber, ... in a timely manner and he diligently verified the quality of what they accomplished. If needed, he found me very good contractors with very reasonable prices. My neighbors and friends, who visited the unit during open-house days, could not believe their eyes on how presentable, clean and homey he had turned my unit to!

In one of the introductory cards about himself, he had given me his list of "ten commandments" about his commitment on what he intends to provide to his clients -well FOR SURE he not only fulfilled all of them to the point but he went that extra nine thousand miles if needed. He was always available 24/7 within matter of few minutes at most: either by direct phone call or by text messaging or by email. His punctuality and his organizational ability of balancing his work schedule with his other duties are amazing. He KNOWS his job and any time I needed any clarification on the forms and/or consultation on real-estate matters, simply he was the best person to reach.

He got me a good and fair price, and he made sure my interests are important; there were a couple of situations he advised me against what I intended to do, and I am very pleased now that I listened to him and I appreciate his insightfulness as it turned he was right! He routinely inspected and checked my unit and he made sure the utilities were always set properly as to the season and there were no water leaks. My neighbors are impressed of his sense of responsibility on how well he looked after of my unit.

On his other traits: he is a trustworthy, amicable, reliable, capable person with remarkable peoples and communication skills, ... For what he did for me I gladly rank him 10/10 (A ) without any hesitation and/or second thoughts. If you need a sales agent for your house, he is DEFINITELY the ONE, he who is an outstanding and an excellent professional, and you will be pleased and satisfied by selecting him a your agent.

Alex, Chelsea and Chase Sickinger, 2016

St. Ann, MO

My husband and I are writing this letter to commend and recommend Jeffry Goldstein & Jane Campbell for everything they did for us! We are in our early twenties, and was in search of a new beginning. After living in an apartment for over 3 and a half years, and spending close to 30,000 dollars in rent, we decided it was time for a major change/commitment. We both talked out our needs and wants and came to the conclusion to buy a house. We knew we needed three bedrooms for our growing family, and a fenced in backyard for our dog. We also wanted a fireplace, a garage, and a nice school district. Alex and I was thumbing through the yellow pages when we came upon Coldwell Banker’s Jeffry Goldstein, our real estate agent.

When we called, we expected them to hear our ages, our wants and needs, and to laugh us off. Jeffry did the opposite! He treated us with the utmost respect and made us feel like we could honestly do this! That gave us the motivation and the push in the right direction that we needed. The next day, we went to a financial advisor, and then to our loan advisor. After about two weeks, all of the paperwork was done, and we could finally start to look at houses. We looked for a couple months, and each house that we looked at got better and better. Jeff would flat out tell us his honest opinion, and same with Jane. That we really valued! You could tell that they kept our best interests at heart.

We're sooooo proud and ecstatic to say that Jeff and Jane helped us not only achieve our dream, but we also got every one of our wants and needs met, and then some!! My husband Alex and I would highly recommend them anyday! They truly go above and beyond and they genuinely care! They are quick to respond always, very professional and polite, and fun to be around! We look forward to keeping in touch with them and to refer them to all of our friends and family. You won't find a better team out there! Jane Campbell and Jeffry Goldstein are the best around!

Thanks again Jeffry and Jane for everything! 

Dianne Collins, 2015

St. Ann, MO

I was relocating back to St. Louis from Wyoming and needing some serious help. I contacted Jeffry Goldstein to save the day. Over a month period he send me links to homes in the area where I was hoping to buy a home. As the weeks went on, I made my choices, flew into St. Louis to start house hunting. He picked me up and had a plan for the day with a map and snacks.

We looked at over 7 houses in just a few hours, he knew the features and benefits of each home, he also gave his honest opinion about what to be concerned with on a few of the homes. He had done his research on the houses we toured and the area. When I walked into what I now call HOME, I knew it was the one. He made the experience of moving across the country so easy and quick. I could not have done it without his help. He was very professional, responded quickly to all my emails, questions and phone calls. Thanks to him I have a beautiful home in Holly Hills!

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